Terms and Conditions – eTeacher

Cancellation Refunds

We want you to be satisfied! If you have any issues with your course please contact our customer care team and give us the opportunity to make things right.

In case you have decided to cancel your participation please note that virtual classrooms, like any other classrooms, have limited capacity. Demand for our classes is high and late cancellation prevent other students from obtaining a spot in the upcoming semester.

Students who wish to cancel their participation are entitled to a partial refund as seen below:

  • 100% Refund (0% of course tuition due): Up to 7 days from the date of your registration, unless your course has already started.
  • 75% Refund (25% of course tuition due): Cancellation prior to your 1st scheduled lesson.
  • 25% Refund (75% if course tuition due): Up to 30 days from your 1st scheduled lesson.
  • 0% Refund (100% of course tuition due): After 30 days from the 1st scheduled lesson.

The above-mentioned refunds are the only ones that will be given to those who cancel their participation in a course. In the event that eTeacher decides to cancel a course (such a decision is completely at the discretion of management), the registrants’ payments will be fully reimbursed.

Rescheduling and Accessibility to Private Lessons

If you wish to reschedule a private lesson, please inform your instructor or eTeacher’s customer service department (service@eteachergroup.com) at least 12 hours ahead of the scheduled session. Lessons that were cancelled without advanced notification shall be deducted from the total number of hours that the student is entitled to.
The private lessons package is valid for up to one year from the day of registration.

Courses Accredited by the Hebrew University

Academic Credit

The minimum final grade for gaining academic credit from the Hebrew University is:

Biblical Hebrew  – 60
Aramaic  – 60
Modern Hebrew  – 65
Yiddish  – 65
Biblical Greek  – 60

At the end of the semester, the university will transfer the credits that were earned to the graduates and send them a transcript of their grade for the course.

Requirements for Academic Courses

As per the Hebrew University’s general academic standards, the accredited programs demand mandatory attendance, submission of papers and examinations. Students will also be required to operate a web camera during lessons.



The eTeacher Group bears no responsibility for the student’s equipment (e.g., computer, modem, and speakers). In other words, you are exclusively responsible for the condition of your personal equipment and for performing the obligatory technical checks.

The eTeacher Group hereby declares that the company’s liability for any student’s claim whatsoever is limited to the sum that he or she has paid for the course(s). Furthermore, the eTeacher Group shall not be held legally accountable for any and all indirect damage.